Portrait membership with Peter Van Beever Studio is offered to individuals and families in the Greater Philadelphia Area who are interested in scheduling multiple portraits each year. If you represent a company or are a business owner and require multiple portraits for commercial use, please contact us for rates.

Why a membership with Peter Van Beever Studio?

Peter Van Beever is local to Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and is in

Benefits of membership

Creative fees are lower

Creative fees are for the photographer's creative concepts, ideas, talent, and production costs for each project.
Creative fees cover the art and photography of the project.
Sitting fees or session fees are for the photographer's time and if applicable the assistants or crew time.
Print fees are for each print or copy made from each portrait.
Retouching fees are for each new photograph printed or used.
Usage fees pertain to anything non-personal. If you own a small business and your portrait is used on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social or professional site that lists your business, it is considered commercial use.
Digital fees and licensing fees are if you require a hi-resolution digital file released to you for the production of birth announcements, engagement announcements, comp cards, printed or digital in-house marketing materials, advertisements, or any other reason.

Creative fees are are built in to the membership and is shared across members.


Lower rates for multiple sessions

Pricing is based on the number of sessions, number of family members, or number of employees.
Individual examples: models, actors, business owners, high school seniors, dancers, fitness trainers, pregnant women
Family example: family with a few kids, varying schedules and ages, 
Corporate example:

Shared rates vs custom rates

Sessions without a membership can cost more. Factors such as availability, custom lighting/backdrop/props setup, session time, post editing, etc can affect the cost of your shoot. With memberships, you share a lot of the cost with other members who are interested in the same portrait styles you like. Similar portraits are planned and shot per week vs randomly throughout the year. The variety of our clients and and clients needs have allowed us to see this opportunity to lower the rates for members.

Quicker turn-around times

Post editing is quicker for member portraits due to similar portraits being edited together. 
Peter Van Beever portraits are edited in-house and not out-sourced to other labs. 
Depending on your level of membership, you may also have priority editing for portraits you need right away.

Retouching is included with all print orders and digital orders

Print prices with memberships include retouching blemishes. Non members pay additional fees for retouching and the fees vary based on the level of retouching needed. Please note that retouching is for noticeable skin flaws. Wrinkled clothing, frizzy hair, oily or non prepped skin, removal of an object or part of clothing, etc may require a special retouching request.

More reserved times during week days and weekends

Members will receive time openings during the week and also weekends. Weekends are a higher rate for non-members.
Week days are limited for non-members or not available at all for some weeks.

Special offers

Holiday specials, school specials, and business specials will be emailed to members from time to time. 
Special offers will include lower print prices, specialized portraits, guest and friend portrait days, and more and are exclusive to members and emailed to members only. 



Each year a limited number of members receive an additional free portrait or session. Some giveaways are given to certain members based on a variety of criteria and some giveaways are complete random.
Freebies might include one of following: free location shoot, a free group or family shoot, free small event coverage, free business portraits, a free photo album, or a free year membership